industryXchange 2023: Technologies for the Built Environment

Many aspects of the built environment—human-made structures where we live and work, and the networks they function within—are being shaped by technological advancements that improve or reimagine how we design, build, and operate our buildings and infrastructures.

Attend industryXchange 2023: Technologies for the Built Environment to network with industry peers and academic experts working in similar fields, engage with graduate students to continue building your talent pipeline, and connect with faculty experts and commit to exploring new research collaborations with them. The knowledge and insight you will uncover through these funded research partnerships will help empower your company to meet its business goals today and in the future.

Breakout session topics will include:

  • E-mobility
  • Smart buildings/sustainability
  • Smart tech 4.0
  • Resilient infrastructure

Registration information will be forthcoming; see the event website for updates. Questions can be directed to Priya Baboo, senior director of corporate and industry engagement.


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Media Contact: Carmen BilĂ©n