Undergraduate Programming in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The computer science program at Penn State consistently ranks as a top program in the United States as reported by U.S. News & World Report.

Our curriculum provides a fundamental education to prepare students for positions in industry, government, education, and commerce, or to pursue graduate study.

The computer science curriculum is organized with two goals in mind. First, upon graduation, a student must be prepared to meet immediate demands in solving computational problems. Second, a student must have sufficient understanding of basic principles and concepts in computer science to avoid technological obsolescence in the rapidly changing information technology environment. This program is intended to produce computer science professionals and not merely technicians with some training in computer programming.

We have a number of professional societies that allow students to explore computer science outside of the classroom.

Students have access to speakers, career fairs, conferences, competitions, tours, professional contacts, leadership opportunities, and social events.

Our alumni remain actively involved, particularly in our mentoring program. Our undergraduates are paired with computer science alumni working in industry. Our mentors facilitate professional development by providing students with guidance, counsel, and networking opportunities. Learn more »

What is a computer scientist?

Computer scientists design and build software: from small web applications to operating systems, and from stand-alone applications for desktop use to integrated systems found in places like the International Space Station. Computer scientists design and build secure software that protects sensitive data, enables online financial transactions, and ensures electronic privacy.

Examples of career opportunities: Software engineer; mobile application developer; software application developer; system software developer; software project manager; cybersecurity analyst

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