Undergraduate Programming in Data Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences

The data sciences degree is part of an intercollege initiative among the College of Engineering, College of Information Sciences and Technology, and Eberly College of Science to meet the need of professionals who can make sense of big data.

The program provides students with the technical fundamentals of data sciences and helps them develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage and analyze large-scale, unstructured data.

As a result, data sciences graduates will possess the core skills and problem-solving approaches to compete for leading-edge analytics positions across many different industry sectors and address an expanding range of problems in industry, government, and academia.

The mission of our undergraduate program is to prepare our students for a wide range of careers as computational data scientists and related positions in the field of computing.

Our curriculum covers fundamental programming techniques and skills, broad knowledge of data science foundations, mathematical foundations of computing, and advanced topics in computing with large data sets.

This curriculum provides students with the skills needed to design, develop, evaluate, and analyze software solutions to computational problems involving large data and prepares them to be leaders throughout their careers. Learn more »

What is a data scientist?

Data scientists employ innovation and creative thinking to design and build software that analyzes large amounts of data. They find new applications for using data and develop new ways in which problems can be solved. From social networking to location-aware devices, health care to automotive, data scientists change the way we look at and live in the world today. Our students learn how to apply these principles to diverse areas of applications, changing the way we live.

Examples of career opportunities: Statistician; business intelligence reporting professional; data analyst; data mining or big data engineer; program/project manager

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