Undergraduate Programming in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program at  Penn State offers a modern curriculum with extensive opportunities to empower our students  to improve the world and our daily lives. As a result, our graduates are highly regarded and actively recruited by employers.

As one of the broadest engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering provides the foundation for almost all other majors in the field. Our students apply mathematical and scientific principles to find solutions to the challenges facing our society.

The curriculum features hands-on experiences that bring engineering principles to reality. From experiential laboratory components to a series of design courses, the program emphasizes innovation to prepare students for a limitless number of career paths, from industry to academia. The design component culminates in an industry-sponsored senior design project, where students work as a team to solve a real-world issue.

Recognizing that diversity enriches the educational experience and improves the engineering profession, the program fosters a commitment to increasing the enrollment of, and actively supporting, women and underrepresented groups. Learn more »

What is a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical engineers are creative problem solvers who are passionate about designing and building things that make our lives better. The homes we live in, the cars we drive, the power we need to charge our phones and fly our planes, and the new technologies that are developing—these are all ways mechanical engineers contribute to our health, happiness, and safety, and often change the way we think about the world.

Examples of career opportunities: Design engineer; research engineer; analyst; entrepreneur; test engineer; rocket engineer; project manager; sales engineer

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