nittany lion inn at night

2019 industryXchange Sensors

Building on the success from previous industryXchange events and positive feedback received from industry, we are excited to announce this year’s event focusing on the theme of Sensors on May 30 at The Nittany Lion Inn.

industryXchange brings together industry, Penn State faculty, and government agencies to jointly explore collaboration opportunities.

The topics below have been planned as afternoon breakout sessions.

  1. Advanced Manufacturing of Multifunctional and Smart Materials: This discussion will focus on exposing needs and issues related to materials design for advancing beyond the state-of-the-art technologies needed for revolutionizing smart buildings/smart infrastructure and creating new application spaces.
  2. Environmental Monitoring and Measurement: This session will discuss a wide range of earth and environmental sciences research efforts using in-situ, mobile, and aerial sensors and sensor networks that measure fundamental physical, chemical, and biological processes to improve observational accuracy and quality.
  3. Industry 4.0: This session will present Industry 4.0 technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, and cloud computing, and systems that are the drivers and foundations of data-driven innovations in smart manufacturing.
  4. Infrastructure Assessment/Smart Structures: This session will present how the embedment of smart sensors can help monitor the health of existing infrastructure on a continual basis as well as in the construction of new infrastructure.
  5. Real-Time Streaming Data Analytics: Sensor technology has evolved rapidly to the point that they are an integral part of IoT. This session will focus on real-time data analytics using smart sensors.
  6. Smart and Connected Health: This session will focus on wearables, IoTs, machine learning, AI for health monitoring, and delivering real-time diagnosis and interventions using smart sensors, in real-world context, to individuals via devices.

If you have any suggestions for companies you’d like to invite, please reach out to Priya Baboo at