Synthesis Engineering | Greenhouse Modules

Modular Design


The greenhouses were an interdisciplinary collaboration between all members of the Synthesis team. By designing with the plant in mind, the team chose to focus on how each aspect of the greenhouse would affect the environment being created. The team first chose to implement a closed system greenhouse which would ultimately give Growing Power more control over their facilities and allow them to utilize resources to their full potential. By using this closed system it allowed the team to design for natural cooling and condensation collection within each greenhouse model producing a more efficient facility. In addition to the natural cooling and condensation collection, grow lights have also been implemented in the space to supplement the light the plants receive throughout the year.

In order to create a modular design, the correct materials needed to be chosen and implemented. For the greenhouse, the team chose to use a steel structure with polycarbonate glazing. These materials and modules were arranged in a way that allows the plants to receive the most light possible and for the owner to have as much growing space as can be provided. Each module is approximately 19’-2” by 20’ and contains its own source of natural cooling.

The southern daylight is shared by both the plants and the occupants inside. This allows for less needed electric light energy consumption and direct emersion from the classroom into the greenhouses.