Synthesis Engineering | Quad-Generation

Anaerobic Digesters

Minimizing Waste


By combining the mechanical and electrical systems in the building, the Synthesis team was able to create a building that could produce energy for itself. This building is set to be the prototype for self-sustaining buildings in the future and the team ensured that the bar was set relatively high. The key to this energy production is the idea of Quad-Generation by the Synthesis engineers. This system uses food waste to feed an anaerobic digester which in turn feeds a micro turbine. The micro turbine then provides power to the facilities across the Growing Power site. Not only in this producing energy from the building but it is also removing waste from the local community and keeping it out of local landfills.

Combustion in the 200kW microturbine results in the coproduction of: 1. Electricity
2. Heating - Exhaust heat is transferred to an exhaust gas heat exchanger to produce hot water used for heating
3. Cooling – A 60 ton single-effect absorption chiller that provides 40°F chilled water for comfort cooling of the non-greenhouse spaces.
4. Carbon Dioxide – CO2 is delivered to the greenhouses to maximize plant growth