Outstanding Advising Award


The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society Outstanding Advising Award recognizes and rewards outstanding advisers of Engineering undergraduate and graduate students. These advising awards are established in recognition of the importance of advising in the total Engineering education program.


The name of this award is “PSEAS Outstanding Advising Award.” Each recipient receives a memento. Funding is made possible through annual gifts from Engineering alumni and friends. This award is presented annually. A maximum of three faculty from University Park and two faculty from non-University Park locations may be selected at the discretion of the selection committee. Fewer recipients may be selected at the discretion of the dean. 


All full-time Penn State faculty whose advisees are mainly students in a College of Engineering degree program are eligible.


All candidates must have:

  • completed at least three years of full-time service within the College of Engineering prior to the nomination;
  • regularly served as a teacher and adviser of students;
  • demonstrated evidence of exceptional advisory service to individual students or student groups, including but not limited to Engineering Co-op Students, Engineering Advising Center, University Scholars, and/or various student organizations; and
  • demonstrated concern for students, served as a respected role model and provided guidance, assistance, motivation and inspiration to students in a manner that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a faculty member.


Nominations may be initiated by Engineering students, faculty, or department heads. Each nomination must, however, be submitted to the head of the candidate's academic unit for review and approval prior to submission to the Dean’s Office.

Each nomination should consist of:

  • a completed nomination form which includes specific examples detailing how the nominee embodies the spirit of the award;
  • a one-page letter of nomination from the initiator;
  • a maximum of three letters of support from faculty, students, staff, or administrators;
  • each support letter will be one page in length and will have one signature.


A committee appointed by the Dean of Engineering will make selection. The committee will consist of PSEAS representatives, recent past award recipient, and the Assistant Dean for Academic Support and Global Programs.


Past recipients are not eligible for a period of three years.