PSEAS Board Members

The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes officers and the chairs of the department Alumni Affiliate Program Groups, and meets on campus three times a year. Although members are encouraged to attend all meetings, much of the committee work is done off-campus.

  • Jane Clampitt (CHE) – President
  • Casey Moore (CE) – Vice President
  • Dale Hoffman (EE) – Immediate Past President
  • Mike Bahner (IE)
  • Ned Brokloff (ESC)
  • Gary Butler (IE)
  • Nick Coval (CMPSC)
  • Jack Diviney (CE)
  • Abby Dodson (ESC)
  • Jonathan Dougherty (AE)
  • Braden Gourley (CHE)
  • Ken Graziani (CHE)
  • Sienna (George) Helfrich (CHE)
  • Ken Hibbard (Aero)
  • Tim Matson (IE)
  • Mike McGinley (CE)
  • Jason Morris (EE)
  • Rich Prewitt (CMPSC)
  • Jim Roche (ME)
  • Hilary (Neal) Ruby (NUCE and ME)
  • Rich Smith (EMCH)
  • Annie (McAndrew) Ustynoski (CHE)
  • Kwesi Vincent (EE)

Honorary Members

  • Frank Arieta (CHE)
  • Mike Erdman (ESM)
  • Kim Fox (CHE)
  • John Mikita (IE)
  • Karen Sweeney (AE)
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