blue and white decorations at an alumni event

PSEAS Board Members

The Penn State Engineering Alumni Society (PSEAS) is governed by a Board of Directors, which includes At-Large Board Members, Affiliate Program Group (APG) representatives, and ex-officio members. In addition to on-campus board meetings and conference calls, board members serve on one of the strategic committees.

PSEAS Board of Directors
Name Affiliation Affiliate Program Group (APG)/
Student Organization
Jonathan Dougherty President
Sienna Helfrich Vice President
Casey Moore Past President
Ned Brokloff At-Large
Gary Butler At-Large
Abbie Canale At-Large
Patrick Cook At-Large
Anthony Davis At-Large
Ken Graziani At-Large
Ken Hibbard At-Large
Tom Kapelewski At-Large
Mike McGinley At-Large
Michelle Olenoski At-Large
Jennifer Rauhofer At-Large
Suzette Schultz At-Large
Edward Zayas At-Large
Chris Schoonover APG Representative Penn State Alumni Society of Architectural Engineers
Megan Padovani APG Representative Penn State Chemical Engineering Society
Jack Diviney APG Representative Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Society
Paul Mittan APG Representative Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Alumni Society
Charles Gaston APG Representative Penn State Engineering Science and Mechanics Alumni Society
Crystal Welker APG Representative Penn State Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Society
Kyle Verrinder APG Representative Penn State Mechanical Engineering Society
Hilary Ruby APG Representative Penn State Nuclear Engineering Society
Vacant APG Representative Engineering Ambassadors Alumni
Abby Dodson APG Representative Engineering Leadership Program Alumni Society
Dameon Proctor APG Representative Multicultural Engineering Program
Maria Haddad APG Representative Penn State Women in Engineering Program APG
Abby Kappel APG Representative Penn State Women in Engineering Program APG
Frank Arieta Ex-Officio
Jane Clampitt Ex-Officio
Dale Hoffman Ex-Officio
Michelle Schafer Ex-Officio
Karen Sweeney Ex-Officio
Mikayla Roach Ex-Officio Engineering Undergraduate Student Council Representative
Thomas Hannah Ex-Officio Engineering Graduate Student Council Representative

Board Member Expectations

  • Attend all PSEAS Board Meetings, virtually or in-person, with a minimum of attendance in-person once per year
  • Serve the Board by membership on a standing Committee
  • Actively participate in Committee meetings and initiatives
  • Prepare for each meeting by reviewing material provided in advance
  • Represent the College as a spokesperson
  • Serve a three-year term with possible election to one additional term
  • Contribute financially to the interests of the Society on an annual basis
  • All interested nominees must maintain a current membership status in the Penn State Alumni Association

At Large Board Member Nominating Timeline and Process

The schedule that is generally followed for nominations, member selection, and onboarding is as follows:

Due Date Task
March thru November Identify At-Large Board Member candidates and Committee volunteers
July/August Advertise opportunities for Alumni to serve on a PSEAS Committee
September Invite interested At-Large Board candidates and Committee volunteers to the Fall Board meeting and any other Board/Committee activities
Communicate electronic Nominations Form.
December 1 Electronic Nominations Forms are due. Candidate information will be circulated to the PSEAS Executive Committee
December 15 PSEAS Executive Committee will conclude initial review of the candidate information
January 15 The current Vice president will reach out to any candidates if additional information is required.
January 31 Executive Committee makes their final selection of qualified candidates to present to the full Board
February Vote by PSEAS Board of Directors at Board Meeting
March Formal Letter is sent by the President of PSEAS welcoming new members and inviting them to attend the Spring Board teleconference
Spring New Board Members attend the Spring Board teleconference
May/June The Vice President of PSEAS will officially on board the new At-Large Board Members, as well as any new APG representatives.
July 1 New Board Members term begins

At any time of year, the Director of Alumni Relations, upon discussion with the Executive Committee, may send potential candidates an invitation to attend an upcoming board meeting to learn more about the PSEAS Board and other volunteer opportunities, such as participation on an active PSEAS standing committee, etc.