World-Class Engineering Faculty Award


The World-Class Engineering Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member who embodies the seven characteristics of the world-class engineer in all of their activities including teaching, research and service.


The name of the award is the “PSEAS World-Class Engineering Faculty Award.” A single award is presented annually. Each recipient receives a memento. Funding is made possible through annual gifts from engineering alumni and friends.


All full-time faculty members who have worked for the College of Engineering for at least two years are eligible to receive this award.


The recipient of this award will be grounded in fundamentals, broad in understanding of other disciplines, globally engaged, ethical, innovative, collaborative, and a leader in their profession. Consideration will be given to an individual who have completed a special project or service on behalf of the college that goes above and beyond the normal expectations of a faculty member.


Nominations may be initiated by college faculty, department heads, or staff. Each nomination must be submitted to the head of the candidate’s academic or other unit for review prior to submission to the Dean’s Office.

Each nomination should consist of:

  • a completed nomination form which includes specific examples detailing how the nominee embodies the spirit of the award;
  • a one-page letter of nomination from the initiator;
  • a maximum of three letters of support from faculty, students, staff, or administrators;
  • Each support letter will be one page in length and will have one signature.


The Dean of Engineering will make selection.