students of color interact with each other

Clark Scholars Program Co-Curricular Options

In addition to the standard academic and experiential offerings available to every engineering student, the Clark Scholars experience is distinguished by:

  • Summer Bridge and Orientation: Kicking off the scholar experience prior to their first year, this program helps the scholars build community with each other and prepare for college-level work through rigorous challenge and social engagement.
  • Courses in Common and Scholar Seminars: Each year, in addition to enrolling in common courses, scholars participate in a dedicated topical seminar, further strengthening academic integration, regardless of their area of focus.
  • Elective Specialization: Scholars are required to specialize in one of three relevant cer¬tificate programs: Engineering Entrepreneurship, Engineering Leadership Development, or Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Global Experience: Clark Scholars include a cohort-based global experience that fosters positive academic outcomes while the students develop confidence, deepen peer networks, and become open to new possibilities.
  • Special Living Option: During their first and second years, scholars live together on campus as a cohort and are supported by peer mentors as well as programming assistants, all of which create social cohesion.
  • Enriching Activities: Scholars have a range of cocurricular opportunities such as study abroad, internships, and community service projects; these develop their skills, enrich their undergraduate experience, and broaden their worldview.