Facts and Figures


graphic showing these rankings: 
Undergraduate: Aerospace 15th, Biological/Agricultural 9th, Chemical 17th, Civil 14th, Environmental 13th, Industrial 7th, Materials 10th, Mechanical 14th; and
Graduate: industrial-manufacturing-systems engineering 8th, nuclear 8th, biological-agricultural 9th

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Undergraduate Enrollment

pie chart showing: 
8,211 undergraduates enrolled at university park; 
3,233 undergraduates enrolled at other penn state campuses; 
11,444 total undergraduates enrolled in the college of engineering

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Graduate Enrollment

total graduate enrollment is 1,575

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bar chart showing: 
Tenure/tenure-track faculty: 282 (professor, associate professor, and assistant professor); 
Non-Tenure track: 
89 (professor, associate professor, and assistant professor); and 52 (lecturer/instructor)

Research Expenditures

bar chart showing growth of research expenditures: 
$104.5 million in 2009/10;
$113 million in 2010/11;
$131 million in 2011/12;
$145 million in 2012/13;
$162.7 million in 2013/14;
$131 million in 2014/15;
$128 million in 2015/16;
$124 million in 2016/17

These data may differ from other research expenditures as reported by the College of the University due to different calculation requirements.