College of Engineering promotes multiple campaigns for 2019 #GivingTuesday


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The season of giving is approaching quickly, and the Penn State College of Engineering is encouraging its community to participate in the globally recognized #GivingTuesday on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The College of Engineering is promoting five campaigns to support causes within its entity.

#GivingTuesday, a fundraising event observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is meant to encourage generosity, especially after the traditionally consumerism-heavy Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is promoted heavily on social media with the intent to increase donations to causes that resonate with donors.

This year’s College of Engineering campaigns support the Architectural Engineering Graduate Student Association, Drawdown Scholars Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program, Engineering Jump Start, Global Engineering Engagement and the College of Engineering Scholarship Fund.

These five campaigns will fund programs within the College of Engineering that advocate for students’ success by providing them with the tools they need to excel academically and enhance their overall experience at Penn State.

Donations can be made to these #GivingTuesday campaigns starting at 6:55 p.m. on Dec. 2. The campaign ends at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 3.

Architectural Engineering Graduate Students Association

The Architectural Engineering Graduate Students Association (AE GSA) focuses on improving the quality of architectural engineering graduate students’ experiences and education while building a sense of community within the Department of Architectural Engineering.

The AE GSA offers board memberships to give students the opportunity to organize events for their peers and collaborate with professionals in the field. The AE GSA also provides a mentoring system for students to communicate with members of the Alumni Society of Architectural Engineers and organizes a Professional Development Guest Lectures Series that provides students with career advice from top-notch alumni.

Donations to this campaign will fund the continuation of these initiatives and give architectural engineering graduate students the tools they need improve their overall college experience and achieve their future career goals. For those who donate $500 or more, the AE GSA will place the name or company logo of the donor on the AE GSA website and Facebook page. Learn more about the AE GSA and donate on Dec. 3 here.

Drawdown Scholars Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program

The Drawdown Scholars Research Experiences for Undergraduate Program (Drawdown Scholars Program) is an eight-week program that prepares students to pursue graduate studies and careers in climate mitigation. This program allows students to study the feasibility and scalability of, and to develop curriculum based on, a hundred solutions to climate change published by Project Drawdown.

The Drawdown Scholars Program provides a learning environment for students to actively collaborate with faculty members who are experts in the field and participate in intensive professional development workshops. Donations to this campaign will fund the continuation and expansion of this program while also increasing the number of students from underrepresented backgrounds in STEM. Learn more about the Drawdown Scholars Program and donate on Dec. 3 here.

Engineering Jump Start

Engineering Jump Start aims to improve the retention and graduation rates of Penn State engineering students, particularly underrepresented students and those attending a Penn State Commonwealth Campus. Whereas most summer academic enrichment programs focus on the transition to college, the Jump Start program focuses on the transition to sophomore year. During the Maymester session, which is a short session between spring and summer, the program provides rising sophomores with academic enrichment in calculus and physics, professional development and community building. Strong performance in calculus and physics is necessary for students to enter a specific engineering major in their junior year.

Engineering Jump Start is offered to 50 rising sophomores from any Penn State campus at no cost. Funded by the National Science Foundation when it was initially created in 2017, that funding has since ceased. Donations to Engineering Jump Start are crucial to sustain the program and help cover expenses, such as participants’ room and board, faculty instructors, peer mentors, professional development and cohort-building activities. Learn more about Engineering Jump Start and donate on Dec. 3 here.

Global Engineering Engagement

The College of Engineering’s Office of Global Engineering Engagement focuses on helping engineering students pursue summer, semester and academic yearlong study abroad programs in locations spanning six continents.

The Office of Global Engineering Engagement creates an environment for students that encourages the importance and value of global engagement. Its programs provide engineering students with access to international exposure and opportunities to develop cross-cultural competence. Donations to this campaign will go directly to the scholarship fund that aids these programs. Learn more about Global Engineering Engagement and donate on Dec. 3 here.

Scholarship Fund

The College of Engineering Scholarship Fund supports the financial needs of students enrolled in one of the college’s 45 undergraduate degree options through scholarship support. The Scholarship Fund helps offset academic expenses for students who do not meet eligibility criteria for other scholarships.

This campaign will help provide aid for engineering students who may have experienced a hardship with the ultimate goal of helping them finish their degree. Learn more about the Scholarship Fund and donate on Dec. 3 here.

To show your support for Penn State and the College of Engineering, join us in making this year’s #GivingTuesday the best one yet. Any gift, big or small, is greatly appreciated by the students, faculty and staff of the College of Engineering.


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