Strategic Plan: 2020-2025

The cornerstones of the Penn State College of Engineering are Excellence, Equity, Sustainability and Social Mobility. While each are critical to the college’s advancement, they are interdependent – any one cannot be achieved without the other three. The cornerstones are the anchors of the college’s culture and decision-making process. The college’s capstone is impact - on the institution, profession, people and society.

The complete College of Engineering Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 is available on the Unit Planning section of Penn State’s Strategic Planning website.

Our Mission

The Penn State College of Engineering is a recognized world leader in impactful teaching and learning; research; and service to the University, the profession and society.

We promote a culture of equity and inclusion, wherein everyone is welcome; everyone is respected; everyone's opinion and contributions are valued; and everyone strives for excellence in themselves, in their colleagues and in the institution.

We deliver purposeful residential and online programs that prepares undergraduate and graduate students from around the world for lifelong learning and impactful careers in the public and private sectors. These programs recognize the importance of deep disciplinary knowledge as well as transdisciplinary, team based thinking and problem solving, and global awareness.

We provide innovative and supportive experiences designed to foster a more welcoming community; one that makes a career in engineering more accessible and achievable for talented and hardworking students, post docs, staff and faculty from a range of backgrounds; and that inspires a commitment to excellence and ethics.

We provide the resources, infrastructure, and collaborative pathways that enable faculty to thrive as world renown educators and pursue transformational research agendas. In collaboration with industry, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and other academic institutions and partners around the globe, our faculty led research initiatives across all areas of engineering create jobs, fuel economic growth, inform policy, solve global problems, and positively impact humanity.

Our Vision

The Penn State College of Engineering will be recognized locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally as a leading influence in creating a diverse and welcoming community that achieves excellence in engineering education, research, and service with the power to inspire change and impact tomorrow.