Engineering Faculty Council: Duties

Faculty Council

  • Initiate, prepare, investigate, and coordinate College activities within the responsibility of the faculty, and advise the dean, appropriate staff officers, and faculty of the College of such matters; it shall also act on matters delegated to it by the faculty or the dean.
  • Consider all recommendations made for new majors, for the introduction of new courses and the dropping of old ones, to study the majors and offerings of the College with reference to the needs of the students and of the Commonwealth and nation, and to make recommendations on these matters to the Dean of the College of Engineering.


  • Chair shall work with the dean and his/her staff to prepare the agenda and shall serve as Parliamentarian for faculty meetings.
  • Secretary shall prepare, reproduce, and distribute notes, agenda, and minutes of the individual faculty meetings, and shall publish and distribute the current membership of Faculty Council, all standing committees, standing subcommittees, and special committees of the College in the fall of each year. The Secretary shall keep the official roll and prepare and publish minutes of the Faculty Council meetings with assistance from the Dean’s Office.
  • Vice-chair shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of the standing committees, encouraging the timely completion of committee tasks, and, in consultation with committee chairs, determining those activities that should be brought before the Faculty Council. The Vice-chair also serves as the Chair of the Nomination Committee.

Standing Committees

  • Undergraduate Studies Committee, Engineering Technology Committee and Graduate Studies and Research Committee will be responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending action on all course and curriculum proposals submitted by departments and programs within the College. The committee may also consider and recommend action on other matters pertaining to the program in the College, whether such matters are referred to the committee or the committee initiates the consideration. Decisions of the committees are only advisory to the Faculty Council. See the attached flowchart.
  • General Planning Committee will be responsible for faculty input into the long-range planning of the College of Engineering, including: (1) identifying timely and pertinent issues which warrant consideration by the faculty and Faculty Council, (2) assisting the Faculty Council Chair in the development of an annual agenda for faculty Council activities, and (3) input to the development of a College-wide strategic plan.
  • Nomination Committee shall be responsible for preparing a slate of nominations for University Faculty Senators, Graduate Council members, and Ombudsman in accordance with the standing rules.