Engineering Faculty Council

Engineering Faculty Council (EFC) is elected by and functions on behalf of the Penn State College of Engineering faculty, as delineated in the constitution. Among other duties:

  • EFC initiates, prepares, investigates, and coordinates college activities that are the responsibility of the faculty, except those otherwise assigned to standing or special committees. EFC provides advice and consultation to the dean, appropriate offices, and faculty of the college, and acts on matters delegated to it by the faculty or the dean, such as:
    • Planning of physical facilities that may affect the attainment of the educational objectives of the college
    • Policies that affect college and University development and utilization of resources
    • Matters that pertain to the general welfare of the college and University
    • Overall educational and research policy and planning
    • Faculty affairs
    • Student affairs
    • University admissions policies as they relate to college admission practices
  • EFC considers all recommendations for adding or dropping majors, for the introduction of new courses and the dropping of old ones; considers the majors, programs, minors, and offerings of the college with regard to the needs of the students, the Commonwealth, and the nation; and makes recommendations regarding these matters to the dean. 
  • EFC is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the constitution, bylaws, standing rules, and rules of order for the College of Engineering. 

More information about EFC and other College of Engineering faculty governance caucuses and committees can be found in the College of Engineering constitution and bylaws.